Simmons has proven himself in the NBA to be one of the most versatile players of his generation | Matteo Marchi / .

The Philadelphia 76ers feature promising Australian player Ben Simmons, who in his three league seasons has shown that he can be one of the players with the ability to be a superstar for years to come. This 23-year-old has represented his country in FIBA ​​competitions and is one of the great foreign figures of the NBA today.

Here we present 5 curiosities of the life of Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons’ father Dave is a legend in the Melbourne Tigers | Matteo Marchi / .

Basketball runs through Simmons’ veins, as his father Dave had an extensive professional career and became a true Melbourne Tigers legend. For the past few years he has served as a coach and assistant for several teams in the Australian league.

The 76ers player has a special appreciation for the world of opera | Kevin Mazur / .

Several of his peers both in college and in the NBA have highlighted this unusual passion for Simmons. The vast majority of players his age are fans of Drake or Chance the Rapper, but Simmons is quite a fan of cult art.

Simmons and Exum are childhood friends, both agreeing in Melbourne | Mitchell Leff / .

Ben Simmons shared much of his childhood with fellow player Dante Exum and they became close friends. This was because Exum’s father played alongside Simmons’ in the Melbourne Tigers, so they inevitably ended up related.

LeBron is one of the maximum idols of Ben Simmons | Mitchell Leff / .

Since before his arrival in the NBA, Simmons has made it clear that he sees James as a mentor and is one of his biggest idols. It is no surprise that his favorite sneakers are the LeBron Zoom Soldiers, which he has said he would not trade for any others.

Simmons has a lizard named Mutombo after the legendary NBA center | Matt Winkelmeyer / .

For several years Simmons revealed that he has a pet named in honor of Dikembe Mutombo. It is a pogona, a type of lizard native to Australia, which has been shown several times on social networks.