A fight in the Puente Grande prison, in the Mexican state of Jalisco (west), left seven dead and nine wounded this Friday, the Attorney General’s Office reported.

The head of the Prosecutor’s Office, Octavio Solís, confirmed that three prisoners died from gunshots and the other four as a result of blows at the prison’s sentenced center.

As for the wounded, the prosecutor explained that two have injuries from a firearm and the others from blows. All were transferred to various hospitals in the Guadalajara metropolitan area to receive medical attention.

The Prosecutor General’s Office explained that the forces heard at least six firearm detonations, after which they decided to intervene to stop the brawl.

The prison authorities managed to arrest five alleged perpetrators of the attacks and seized two pistols of various calibers, in addition to a homemade explosive device, the Prosecutor detailed.

The director general for prevention and social reintegration, José Antonio Pérez, explained that a baseball game had taken place minutes before the fight, after which a group of inmates began attacking another, so that a part of the prison population defended to blows.

“Yes, there was an attack and the angry population, in response to what they considered unfair, reacted violently because the people attacked were not people who caused problems inside the center, with the consequence of some deceased attackers.”

He denied that the brawl was an attempted riot, an attack on the police or prison authorities or “some action to destabilize him.”

The authorities reported that the investigation will be carried out by the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office and an investigation will also be opened among the workers to find out how the weapons entered and determine responsibilities.