The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, is again at the center of the controversy in relation to the tourism sector since he has defended that his ministry will request the injunction against 17 airlines, among which are the Spanish Iberia, Air Europa, Volotea and Binter Canarias. In this way, Garzón has described as “bad practice” the way in which these airlines proceed in relation to the reimbursement of tickets for non-operated flights.

The minister has indicated that they were receiving complaints from individuals and associations of consumers in which the companies did not facilitate the refund of the amount as established by the European regulation.

The Ministry verified this information and, at consider “bad practice”, sent a letter to the companies in which it stated that they had to “correct” it. After two weeks, the Ministry has initiated these actions so that “a judge values ​​it” and that the airlines proceed to “inform well” and return the money. European regulations establish that, before canceling a flight, airlines must offer travelers a refund of their money within seven days; driving to the final destination as quickly as possible, or driving to the destination on a date that suits the traveler.


Iberia and its subsidiary Iberia Express point out that they have “correctly” informed customers affected by the cancellations of flights on their rights in these cases, including the right to obtain a refund of the amount of their tickets, complying with European regulation 261.

The company wanted to clarify this data due to the filing by the Ministry of Consumption of a legal action of cessation against 17 airlines, among which are Iberia and Iberia Express, when considering from the Ministry that they were not respecting the regulations and on the that the company has pointed out that “Does not know the specific assumptions to which it refers”.

For all this, they have shown their “perplexity” by the initiative of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs “Serious accusations are made against companies”, adding that Iberia and Iberia Express “have been setting an example of commitment to the country, society, customers and employees for months.”

For its part, from the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, highlight that «Ryanair already has processed 400 million euros in refunds and bonds since mid-March, which represents more than a third of the total of the delayed refunds. We encourage customers to use their voucher or request a free change in the date of their flight for a new one that they can choose from the more than 1,000 daily Ryanair flights available from July 1 or part of the flight schedule of summer that has already been launched by 2021 ″.

«All Ryanair customers who have been affected by the canceled flights have been clearly and transparently informed of the possibility of continuing to request a cash refund if they prefer during all the communications that have been sent to them ”, they add from the company.

Previous controversy

Just a few weeks ago some controversial statements by the Minister of Consumer Affairs of the Government of Spain, Alberto Garzón, made the sector rise up against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. Although they were rectified, the minister’s words They criticized a low added value in the Spanish tourism sector.

In this way, the businessmen of this sector demanded explanations from Garzón, expressing their displeasure, both for the affirmation and for the obsession of a training like Podemos to end the Spanish tourism sector. According to data prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEB), Spain had become a great attraction for international tourists. Since 2015 the WEF has positioned Spain as the most competitive country in the world in the tourism sector.