The authorities in Tokyo on Tuesday asked the residents of the Japanese capital to take precautions before a worrying increase in cases of coronavirus registered just a day after entering phase 2 of relief of restrictions, which enabled schools and shops.

“The number of 34 infected today is an alarming number,” Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike told reporters, who asked Tokyo residents to avoid areas where there may be a greater risk of contagion, the EFE agency reported.

Previously, the health authorities reported this number of infections in the metropolitan area, the highest level since last May 14, when the state of health emergency was still in force, so they warned that if the trend grows, they will apply measures again. to restrict activities.

Tokyo officially entered phase 2 of the process yesterday to progressively relax restrictions on the operation of shops, museums or schools, so the number of infected people announced today constitutes a setback for that strategy and could mean a setback in this process.

Currently, bars and restaurants can operate until 10 at night and there are no restrictions on the opening of commercial premises, as there were in the previous phase.

In total, as of Tuesday, 5,283 cases of Covid-19 and 306 deaths have been recorded in Tokyo.

Across the country the infected number almost 17,000 and the deceased are 894, according to the latest official balance.