The Government has finally given the green light to the return of the League. The 8 of June It has been established as the date on which the competition will be able to start again, understanding that by then all the provinces will be in phase 2 of the de-escalation. However, although Thebes already has the authorization for the championship to resume, many doubts remain to be resolved before for the ball to roll again in First and Second.

Decide on the date of return

Although there is a green light for the championship to resume from Monday June 8, there is still there is no set date for return of football. The League’s intentions are for football to start on June 12, but several clubs have shown their refusal. Much of the teams want one more week of preparation, that allows them to arrive in better conditions to the final stretch of the course, after three months of hiatus.


The Schedule They will be another important aspect to deal with for two reasons: high temperatures and soccer on Mondays. When it comes to heat, it seems clear and evident that The League will renounce to playing without rest from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every weekend. The matches should be concentrated in hours when the temperatures and humidity are falling.

It seems more complicated to reach an agreement regarding football on mondays. The entity that directs Thebes and the television operators have the clear intention of offering matches every possible day, including Mondays, as there are no spectators in the stadiums. However, the CSD and the RFEF still do not consider this possibility.


The footballers ‘union and the employers’ association must agree on various protocol aspects. While the League wants to concentrate the squads and isolate them from all contact that may increase the risk of contagion and that jeopardize the remainder of the competition, since the AFE have already shown their refusal. The players opt for concentrations, but in the same conditions that have existed until now, not to remain locked up for the duration of the League.

Contract extension

It will undoubtedly be one of the most important issues and the most difficult when it comes to reaching an agreement. There are not a few footballers ending contract on June 30 and one of the highest priority issues will be to reach an agreement to prolong them, at least until the end of the League. However, since it is an agreement governed by labor law, it will be the clubs who will have to reach an agreement on a case-by-case basis with their footballers. Some teams, especially in the SmartBank League, are at risk of running out of troops to complete the remainder of the competition.

First match, the Seville derby

The first game of the Santander League, with which the competition resumes, will be the Betis – Seville. The Sevillian derby was the great match of the day of the break and will be the first to be played in full once the official date on which the League returns is known. There is no better way to re-launch the competition than with the duel between green and white players, although the atmosphere will be very different from what we are used to, as there is no public.

Before facing the 11 days that remain, the tight schedule will force everyone to start on equal terms. Therefore, the first thing to do, a few days before the official return of the competition, will be to finish the Rayo Vallecano – Albacete, of which 45 minutes are pending. The match was suspended in mid-December at half-time and will finally end a few days before football returns in all its glory. Of course, it will be played with the rules that were then in force (without five changes, with fewer called and without the winter signings).