Amanda’s passage through Central America has also caused a great deal of damage, such as landslides, power and water outages, and the destruction of many homes.

Salvador, the country hardest hit by the storm

New assessments of the passage of the storm tropical Amanda in Central America were released on Tuesday. A total of 26 people lost their lives in Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras at the end of last week. However, almost 7,886 individuals had to be evacuated and transferred to 179 shelters. The number of victims has risen from 16 to 20 in El Salvador, the country hit hardest by the storm, the environment ministry of the Central American country said on Tuesday. Honduras deplored the deaths of four people who were swept away by the current. In addition, two people were killed and two others injured in Guatemala. According to Carolina Recinos, a senior civil servant in San Salvador, one of the seven missing was found alive.


The storm tropical Amanda, the first arrival from the Pacific this year, was accompanied by torrential rains, reports Le Figaro. As a result, material damage was significant such as floods, landslides, power outages and drinking water supplies in several regions. Carolina Recinos reports that 2,000 homes were “completely destroyed” in San Salvador. In Guatemala, authorities have also identified 500 damaged homes.

Thecentral America remains alert after the formation of the storm Cristobal in the Gulf of Mexico, reports the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC). The environment ministry warned against “a high probability of many landslides and falling rocks”.

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