The management of Government of Spain In the coronavirus crisis, after centralizing power through the state of alarm, it has had an alarming lack of transparency, especially regarding economic aspects. This is what the Belgian consultancy says Dyntra, an organization of character international which is a reference in the world for aspects related to the transparency of institutions.

Dyntra has recently published a study on the transparency of the Government of Spain and the 17 autonomous governments in the coronavirus crisis, which brings a quick conclusion: the Executive has had a 0% economic transparency in the management of the Covid-19 and 10% in transparency in the management of health resources. On a scale of up to 100%, the opacity of the Pedro Sánchez and the Minister of Health Salvador Illa, cannot be greater in economic terms.

According to Dyntra, the Government has failed in all these actions, which it has not carried out. You have not met any of the 12 conditions.

– Post the Total budget intended for actions in the health field to alleviate the Covid-19.
– Publish the total budget for actions to mitigate the economic impact of the Covid-19.
– Publish the execution of the budget destined to palliate the Covid-19.
– Publish the execution of the budget destined to purchases of goods to alleviate the covid 19 specifying: purchased goods, quantity and costs.
– Publish the execution of the budget destined to investment in infrastructure improvements to alleviate the covid 19 specifying improvement and cost.
– Publish the execution of the budget destined to costs and hiring of human resources to alleviate the covid 19 specifying: destination center or province, professional category and cost per position.

– Post a list of awarded contracts to alleviate the indicated covid-19: procedure, object, successful bidder, amount and link to the contracting platform.
– Publish the budget for communication campaigns related to the covid 19 specifying the cost for campaigns and media used for its dissemination.
Provide a viewer that shows the community budget for the covid 19 and its implementation.
– Publish the indicators of health expenditure per inhabitant, evolution of per capita spending with the health crisis of covid 19, and per capita spending on actions to alleviate covid 19
– Plocate a Grant Plan planned to alleviate the covid 19 indicating the object and groups to which it is directed.
– Publish the donation list received indicating: grantee, amount, purpose for which it is donated and destination of the donation.

With regard to transparency in health resources and resource management, the Government has only met one of the 10 parameters: launch a Specific Transparency Portal for the publication of public data data on covid-19.

However, the following parameters have not been met:

– Publish the current template destined to stifle the advance of the covid 19 divided by professional categories and hospital centers.
– To post workforce increases carried out specifying data on type of personnel and distribution by provinces.
– Publish the list of centers and hospitals intended to care for patients with other conditions other than coronavirus.
– Post the number of beds available per inhabitant and its comparison with other regions.
– Publish the number of UCI places available per inhabitant and their comparison with other regions.
– Publish the number of PPE available by province, town and hospital and its evolution throughout the health crisis.
– Publish the number of tests available to short term and its distribution by province, town and hospital.
– Publish the number of face masks available by province, town and Hospital and its evolution throughout the health crisis.

Basque Country, the one that most

The Basque Country According to Dyntra, it has been the Spanish administration that has had the most economic transparency in the coronavirus crisis. Other administrations such as Aragon They have also communicated some things regarding economic management as well as the Comunidad Foral de Navarra. However, most of the autonomies have not published anything regarding the money spent on the crisis and its economic management.

In general terms, the Government of Spain is only the seventh administration better in transparency data, with others like Castilla y León being the first of all.

Dyntra is a collaborative platform that aims to measure public information from governments, public authorities, political parties, elected representatives and various stakeholders in a dynamic, efficient, transparent, open and collaborative way.