New York —

| June 30, 2020

Since you opened your channel Youtube three months ago, Ana Brenda Contreras He promised that he would uncover many secrets from both his private life and his artistic career. and after showing her beauty routines or some of the trips she has taken, now she decided Talk about a condition that has plagued her for a long time.

As noted in a video, the actress had never wanted to reveal that suffers from anxiety attacks; however he confessed that one of The strongest episodes he had in his life occurred along with the recording of a series in the United States and the death of his father.Which was extremely difficult to cope with but eventually managed to do.

“About two years ago my life was not easy. I think It has been one of the hardest stages of my life, learn to deal with loss, with mourning, with a move, the end of a relationship, the workload, but above all, none of that compares to losing someone as important to me as my dad was and that triggered the anxiety that I have suffered for years, “said Ana Brenda.

To finish, the protagonist of the soap opera “For Loving Without Law“She assured that although she is not an expert on the subject, she wants this confession to serve people who suffer the same as she. It also ensured that the help of a specialist is vital to achieve overcome this and any other psychological disorder.