Ana María Polo González, also known as Dra. Polo, is a Cuban-born lawyer, singer and television presenter currently based in the United States. Since 2001, she ventured into television with a family case program in which she serves as a lawyer and judge, which has been well received by the public and the press.

Real name: Ana María Polo González Place of birth: Havana Cuba Date of birth: April 11, 1959 Occupation: Singer, lawyer and television presenter nationality: Cuban-American

Ana María Polo’s family

Delia Polo (mother) Peter Polo (son)

Ana María Polo was born on April 11, 1959 in Havana, Cuba, although a few years later her family decided to move to Puerto Rico, where Polo spent a good part of her life. After a time, the family migrated again, this time to Miami, Florida, where Ana María began to have new interests. Among these, she highlighted her taste and talent for singing, an activity that gave her the opportunity to travel the world and participate in important events, including a presentation before Pope Paul VI at the Vatican.

The presenter’s character always led her to face the challenges that life presented to her, adapting to her changing circumstances but also looking for new and better opportunities. This impetus generated in her the desire to train academically at the University of Miami, where she completed her studies as a lawyer, a profession she held for more than two decades.

It was these years of experience that made him look from a new perspective at the difficult cases that some families were going through. Disputes such as divorce, child support, infidelity and abuse, led to the desire to reach more and more people.

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Case closed

After having participated as a guest lawyer in some programs, Ana María received the invitation to participate in a production in which she would be at the forefront as the main lawyer.

Thus, the couples room program was born on the Telemundo network. Initially, these were family disputes in which couples were seeking to demand some form of social justice to resolve a case. Thanks to the success obtained, in 2005 the program changed its name to Caso Cerrado, and soon Polo became one of the most recognized characters on Hispanic television.

Case Closed has been broadcast uninterrupted for 18 seasons, in which a large number of whistleblowers, defendants and witnesses have paraded, which in each chapter represent some of the most shocking cases.

His popularity has opened the doors for him to make special appearances in other programs, among which “Quinceañera”, “Victorinos” and “The Today Show” stand out. She has also been awarded a nomination for the prestigious Daytime Emmy Award in 2010.

As a professional, she earned a law degree and a Doctor of Laws from the University of Miami.

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Participations in television programs

Year Program Participation 2001 Couples Room (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; Lawyer 2005 Case Closed (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; lawyer 2008 Do you know more than a 5th grade child? (Chilean MEGA Channel) 2001 Guest Participant Mucho gusto (Chile MEGA Channel) 2001 Guest Presenter Morandé with company (Chile MEGA Channel) 2005 Guest Participant Pe a Pa (Chilean National Television) 2006 Participant Quinceañera Guest Judge 2006 Billboard Latin Music Awards Presenter 2008 Better late Special Guest 2009 Victorinos Special Guest 2010 Stand Up To Cancer (Television Special) Special Guest 2014 Secretando Special Guest 2015 The Today Show Special Guest 2016 Don Francisco Te Invita Special Guest 2016 Silvana Sin Lana Special Participation 2017 Dish Nation Guest Participant 2009 Case Closed (Canal MEGA de Chile) Presenter; lawyer 2010 Chasing injustices (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; lawyer 2010 Telethon “Chile helps Chile” Guest presenter Case Closed: Special Edition (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; lawyer Best of Case Closed (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; lawyer Ana Polo Rules (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; Lawyer Case Closed: The most daring (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; attorney 2020 The At-Home Variety Show (Miniseries) Special Case Closed Case: Los Angeles (TELEMUNDO) Presenter; Lawyer 2020 Case Closed: The Movie (in production) Producer and main actress

Awards and honours

Year Prize Category Outcome 2010 Daytime Emmy Outstanding Legal / Courtroom Program for “Case Closed with Dr. Ana María Polo” Nominated 2011 Mickey Leland Humanitarian Achievement Award Winner 2017 Tu Mundo Awards Special Award: Estrella de Tu Mundo Winner


2010; Dear Dr. Polo The Secret Letters of Case Closed ”(English translation: Dear Dr. Polo: The Secret Letters of Cased Closed) 2011; She is selected to serve as ambassador for the Stand Up To Cancer Foundation for her efforts towards the prevention of this disease.

2014; She is invited by the Human Rights Organization to participate in the campaign for equal marriage in the United States. This video was broadcast in both English and Spanish. Graduated from the University of Florida International University in Political Science. She received the title of Doctor of Laws from the University of Miami.

Ana María Polo’s private life

Little is known of Ana María Polo’s private life. She has been married once, but she divorced after a few years since she began to suffer violence, a circumstance that, together with the loss of a pregnancy, ended up distancing her from that relationship.

Later, it was learned that Dr. Polo had traveled to Cuba to adopt a child, born in 1986; however, it has not made any further statements in this regard.

Regarding her love life, the presenter has been involved in a series of controversies when some rumors leaked that she had a relationship with Marlene Kay, former producer of the Caso Cerrado program. Although she has not denied or accepted this information, she has been emphatic in declaring that a person’s sexual orientation should not be a matter of discussion, and that no one has an obligation to testify about it.

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