Yesterday Apple updated the iOS version 13.5.5 with bug fixes and the end of the jailbreak. Apparently, this update did not bring with it any other major changes, until some more observant users noticed an icon that confirms Apple’s interest in audio content, beyond his latest efforts in creating original podcasts.

According to information shared by macrumors, Apple appears to be moving forward with plans to provide Apple News + users with an option to listen to audio stories of some news, according to details that can be seen in the beta version of iOS 13.5.5. .

Apple has new plans for its news section

The icon representing a function of “Apple News” + Audio It is present in the beta version, along with some related images. Therefore, it is assumed that Apple plans to offer a summary of the main stories of the day in audio, based on this wording found in the update: “Hear a quick recap of today’s top stories.”

This discovery makes the recent rumors about Apple’s movements, which assured that for the first time Apple will audio version their news, makes sense. Over the past several months, the company has been asking publishers participating in NewsApple News + for permission to create versions of their stories in this format.

The information also clarifies that Apple plans to manage production costs and compensate publishers for Apple News + Audio recordings in the same way as ‌Apple News‌ + payments. This amount will represent 50 percent of subscriber revenue, based on how much time they spend with publisher content in a 30-day period.

It is unclear when exactly Apple plans to implement support for audio versions of the news, but since some of the feature’s assets are in iOS 13.5.5, it is a feature that may be available soon.