The wave of protests that has intensified in the United States as a demand for police violence against Afro-Americans, in another event that recently ended the life of George Floy. The situation has also generated acts of vandalism that have involved the looting of several stores and properties in different cities, among which the App Store have been quite affected.

Just a few weeks after the reopening of retail stores, after the preventive closure due to the spread of COVID-19, Apple faces a new closure to offend the curfew imposed in several cities and in other cases to prevent the entry of those with intentions of committing a crime in the midst of the situation. But in some of its most emblematic stores it has had to take additional actions, such as a barricade to protect the glass cube from the Apple Store on 5th Avenue.

Apple protects one of its iconic stores from looting.

As can be seen in images shared from various media, Starr Industries has been hired by Apple to set up scaffolding and protect the high-end tech store, which is located on famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

On Sunday night, about 14 crew members worked throughout the day to quickly put up a water-filled plastic barricade topped by a fence around the perimeter of the Apple store.

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The activities continued on Monday to complete the work and try to prevent the consequences of them. events that affected other branches in Minneapolis and Portland with irreversible damage.
Given the situation, the authorities have authorized curfews and the departure of different security forces to the streets to try to control the protests, however, in several places these measures accelerated the riots.