In the contingency for Covid-19 I not only know will support micros Y small companies or people who self-employedThere will also be a fund for women. The General Coordinator of Economic Growth, Alejandro Guzmán, said that a stock exchange is being worked to support women to create sources of employment. Read How to achieve a productive ‘home office’

The bag which the program currently has is 30 million pesos and the Municipalities and Fojal will be the ones to absorb the financial cost, so depending on the capacity of the municipalities, the available resource for the beneficiaries could be up to 240 million pesos from private banks, he detailed.

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“We group women to start microbusiness, so that with the support of the Municipalities and absorb the cost of microcredits at a zero rate, “he explained.

The supports will be from 6 thousand pesos and could grow to 450 thousand, depending on the alliance network that is formed. The groups will be 12 to 40 women and the process of obtaining credit includes free training.

This women’s bag will be in addition to the one billion pesos bag aimed at SMEs and people in self-employment during the pandemic.

The operating rules will be released on Monday.

Support the Chambers

If you have a business, employ one to 15 employees, work on your own or in the informal sector, and your income is at risk from the coronavirus containment measures, but you do not know how to access the online registry to request support, go to business chambers.

Alejandro Guzmán assured that business chambers such as Coparmex or the Chamber of Commerce will be able to lend their computer equipment free of charge to allow people without Internet access to register their request for support.



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