After three new victories against his rival Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, the former vice-president appeared Tuesday almost guaranteed to find himself before the outgoing president in November. However, the White House remains upset by the coronavirus pandemic.

After three new victories against his rival Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, the former vice-president appeared Tuesday almost guaranteed to find himself before the outgoing president in November. However, the White House remains upset by the coronavirus pandemic.

(.) – In a speech largely devoted to the Covid-19 crisis, Joe Biden said he wanted to “rally the party” after “a very good night”: he won in the three states at stake on Tuesday, Arizona, Florida and Illinois. Then he spoke directly to the young voters of Bernie Sanders, who campaigned far more to the left: “I heard you, I know what’s at stake, I know what we have to do!”

“Senators Sanders and I do not agree on the tactic but we share a common vision” on health, inequality or global warming, he also said in his speech broadcast on the internet, crisis of coronavirus requires. “No, not at all,” immediately replied Briahna Joy Gray, spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders, who did not comment on the results of the evening.

I honestly don’t know how you can be running to lead the country in this crisis without calling for a jobs guarantee and Medicare for all.

Biden’s agenda is woefully inadequate for the moment. And that was true before #COVID ー 19. #VoteForBernie

– Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy)
   March 17, 2020

“The pressure is going to be huge on him to leave the race, because it’s over,” said former Barack Obama adviser and Democratic analyst David Axelrod on CNN. In Florida and Illinois, moderate Joe Biden won about 60% of the vote, according to almost complete results. He was also given the winner in Arizona, according to results on more than half of the polling stations.

Despite a difficult start, Joe Biden has been winning streaks since the end of February and his lead now seems insurmountable in view of the Democratic nomination for the presidential election on November 3. For his part, Donald Trump became unsurprisingly the designated candidate of the Republican party on Tuesday.

Fear of the coronavirus

Canceled meetings, online speeches and postponed votes: the coronavirus is seriously disrupting the campaign. A fourth state, Ohio, was originally supposed to participate in this new stage on Tuesday, but faced with the rapid progression of the pandemic (more than 6,300 cases recorded in the United States and 108 deaths), the governor announced the postponement of this primary. Where the ballot was held despite everything, voters and volunteers were called upon to respect safe distances and precautionary measures. But some have remained reluctant.

“I think people don’t want to take the risk for a primary,” said 52-year-old Aaron Simcox. Like him, almost two million voters voted in advance or in correspondence in Florida. Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky and Maryland, which were to vote later, have already postponed their ballots to May and June. The Democratic Party on Tuesday called on other states to rather strengthen the means to participate in advance and by correspondence.

“Our democracy is based on the right to vote and we must do everything in our power to protect and strengthen that right rather than putting our democratic functioning to a halt,” wrote its president, Tom Perez.

“Results” vs “revolution”

Joe Biden made a spectacular comeback by bringing together the moderate camp, including several ex-presidential candidates and influential elected officials who see him as the best candidate to “beat Donald Trump”, the number one objective of Democratic voters. Famous for his blunders, the 77-year-old candidate reassured his supporters on Sunday evening by signing a good performance during his first televised duel against Bernie Sanders, 78 years old.

After heavy defeats already last week, the latter had admitted that he had failed to convince on his ability to prevent Donald Trump from taking a second term. Seeking to run as a more pragmatic candidate, Joe Biden insists that the Americans “want results, not a revolution”, in reference to the “political revolution” advocated by his adversary, a self-proclaimed socialist.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump has been the Republicans’ official candidate since Tuesday.

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But in a foot call to the most progressive, Joe Biden this weekend announced that he was adopting two proposals, one from Bernie Sanders and the other from his former rival, Senator Elizabeth Warren. That does not go far enough, replied Bernie Sanders, who clung to the race despite his predictable defeats. If he were to give up, the senator promised: he will support whatever candidate the Democrats choose.

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