Authorities in the Bolivian cities of La Paz and El Alto will mark the homes of coronavirus patients who refuse to confine themselves with signs, given the numerous violations of health measures by infected people, a minister announced on Tuesday. “For people who have coronavirus and who do not want to isolate themselves, we will put a sign on their house which will say: there is the Covid-19 here”, said the Minister of Public Works, Ivan Arias, whose the project has been approved by the major cities of La Paz and El Alto.

Mr. Arias spoke of numerous cases of non-compliance with isolation measures by patients of Covid-19, including that of a family who, while knowing they were infected, signed a declaration on their honor affirming the opposite in order to be able to board a domestic flight. As a result, the entire crew of the aircraft had to be quarantined.

“We can no longer bear that irresponsible people endanger the lives of the people,” said the minister. The coronavirus has infected more than 10,500 people and killed more than 300 in Bolivia, a country of 11 million inhabitants.