(Bloomberg) – Daily virus figures for Brazil show some relief in recent days, but is it a steady trend or a pattern in the data report?

This table shows that Brazil has been reporting fewer deaths on Sundays and Mondays and then increasing again on Tuesday nights when the figures are released. So tonight you could tell us something about the direction of the pandemic. Either we will remain on a high plateau longer, or cases and deaths will begin to flatten out more steadily.

Johns Hopkins University data showing new cases on a five-day moving average reveal improvements in countries such as Peru, Chile, and Mexico in terms of new infections (although there are many doubts in Mexico about the tests), while Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina and Bolivia show an upward trend.

Chile continues to report a slowdown in growth in cases and a decrease in the rate of tests that are positive. Eight weeks after all of Santiago was quarantined, cases are clearly declining in the capital region.

The total number of cases amounts to more than 2.5 million in Latin America and the Caribbean with deaths close to 113,000.

In terms of per capita deaths, Peru reports more on a continuous seven-day basis than Mexico and Brazil.

What happens in other parts of Latin America:

The Dominican Republic prepares for the first round of the presidential elections this Sunday, despite a recent increase in cases and deaths. Although the unemployment rate in Brazil increased predictably in May, the number of jobs lost in the month was less than expected On Monday as more people returned to work despite the outbreak, the government of the Brazilian state of Amazonas is being investigated for misuse of public funds in the purchase of medical equipment. Brazil will extend an emergency aid program and is drafting an economic reopening program to implement in 60-90 days, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said TuesdayThe mayor of Buenos Aires promises more evidence

Original Note: Brazil Looks to Break Its Weekly Data Trend: LatAm Virus Wrap

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