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About Fifty independentistas have cut Avenida Meridiana again this Friday from Barcelona to protest the sentence of the ‘procés’, after these cuts that staged for 152 days in a row were interrupted due to confinement by the coronavirus pandemic.

Seventy days after the last traffic cut on this important access and exit road from Barcelona, ​​a scene that was common for five months has been repeated, although this Friday the congregants went with masks and they tried to respect the safety distance between them that the sanitary regulations against COVID-19 require.

The protesters, summoned through social networks, have first concentrated in the square of the Sant Andreu Arenal station and then have cut off traffic for a few minutes at the confluence of Avenida Meridiana with Fabra i Puig, as usual before the pandemic.

According to some information published on social networks, this protest action is expected to demand the release of the convicted ‘procés’ leaders repeat every Friday, at 8:00 p.m., while the coronavirus alarm state lasts.