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Some experts suggested that the creator of the cryptocurrency could be behind the transaction, since these are mined bitcoins just after the launch of the first blockchain.

This week, the price of bitcoin fell below $ 9,000, then recovered and reached 9,230 on Friday. On May 21, the price of the cryptocurrency decreased by 7%.

The fall came a day after a strange transaction that some experts attributed to the founder of that cryptocurrency, known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

The case is that 50 bitcoins that were mined just a month after the launch of the first cryptocurrency blockchain, were launched 11 years later. Back then only a few people were involved in mining, which made one think that the transaction could come from the ‘father’ of the cryptocurrency.

However, the fact that the coins were old and were inactive until this Wednesday “is the only link that possibly connects them with the creator of the bitcoin” and “almost nothing supports the rumor that they belong to Nakamoto”, indicates the Coindesk portal . Thus, at the moment it is not known exactly who transferred them.