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A company in charge of covering weddings and other events has refused to refund bail to a young man, Justin Montney, 24, after his fiancee Alexis passed away at the age of 22 in a traffic accident in Colorado (USA) and had to be forced to cancel the wedding and all the contracted services.

The wedding was scheduled to take place this May, however, the bride lost her life on February 3 in a car accident, a tragedy that has not moved Copper Stallion Media, which has refused to return Montney the $ 1,800 deposit (1,600 euros) that he paid with his fiancée alleging that “all our wedding contracts are not refundable

When the young man insisted through postal districts that they return this first payment, the company threatened to report him and they even created a website with your name ( to respond to the boy, who decided to tell his story on the KRDO channel.

In the last email he sent to the company he asked “to postpone my reservation for 10 years from now, in case I ever get married or get a refund”, even offering the possibility of sending him the death certificate. Also asked the company be understanding, as they had been in other services that they had hired. “Please, let me know what options I have in the futureMontney says goodbye in the message.

After two months without response, the groom decided use social media to get the company’s attention and get a refund, although far from getting it it has pissed off even more the company, which has bought a domain called Justin for two years in which explain their version of events and where they have published the boy’s emails and the ratings received on their profiles.

According to Copper Stallion Media, the boy has created a “smear campaign” by the way, since he wrote in his last message to the company that the event “would have presence on social networks