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British musician Tony Hadley came to the defense of Singaporean Muhammad Shalehan, who, in his opinion, had pronounced his name well, earning him the $ 7,000 prize.

British singer Tony Hadley, who was a vocalist for the Spandau Ballet group in the 1980s, helped a Singaporean claim a $ 7,000 prize from a radio contest, after the radio station deemed the contestant to have mispronounced the musician’s name. , which invalidated the answer. According to the Straits Times, the contestant, Muhammad Shalehan, contacted Hadley, who not only answered the call, but also managed to convince those responsible for the contest that he deserved the award.

It all started on April 21, when Shalehan called the local Gold 95 radio station to participate in a contest that consisted of guessing 14 singers by their voices. He matched all the names, but the announcer said he had only guessed 13 and did not give the answer as valid without detailing why. The prize, consisting of 10,000 Singapore dollars (7,000 US dollars), was awarded to another listener who days later, on May 6, gave the same answer.

Many listeners immediately accused the station of bias, stating that the winner had also mispronounced one or two names. However, the radio refused to change its verdict. Faced with this situation, Shalehan wrote an email to Hadley himself with the audio of his response attached.

The singer did not ignore the message and made a video in which he confirmed that the Singaporean has “a slight accent”, but said: “I have heard the recording and, in my opinion, pronounced my name absolutely correctly […] You should be entitled to whatever the prize is. “
In response, the station notified Thursday that it will grant the money to Shalehan.

“We have contacted Mr. Shalehan again to let him know that we are deeply sorry. If Tony Hadley has said that Mr. Shalehan pronounced his name correctly, who are we to contradict him?” Gold 95 posted on its Facebook.

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