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A small Louisiana town is in shock after the arrest of a local teacher and her husband, a police officer, after the former served her students. cupcakes garnished with her husband’s sperm.

According to local newspaper The Advocate, the events occurred in October, when Cynthia Perkins, 35, an English teacher at Westside Junior High School, served her students sweet treats with her husband’s body fluidsDennis Perkins, 44.

The couple faces charges of rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, mixing harmful substances, obscenity, and child pornography. Furthermore, in a separate case, both face charges for sexual abuse of animals.

According to lawyers, the father of one of the affected students is suffering from a severe depression that prevents him from finding a job. Another mother and her daughter are in psychological treatment, with symptoms like insomnia.

According to The Advocate, one of the students she was photographed nude by the couple and there is also an explicit video of the minor.

The institute has also been indicted for negligence.