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The caravans of cars as a protest against the Government that Vox has organized this Saturday in several Spanish cities have soon become the most talked about in the morning on social networks. The protests have generated thousands of comments, both for and against.

And it has not only been ordinary citizens who have given their opinion on these marches: several political leaders have also valued it. Those of Vox, how could it be otherwise, have praised the initiatives and the response of the citizens, while representatives of formations such as Cs, Más País or Unidas Podemos we have criticized them.

The vice president and spokesperson for the Government of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has asked the protesters “responsibility” not to ruin two months of confinement “. “I understand that there are many people who are tired, I understand the weariness of the people of Madrid for what has happened in the last weeks, I also understand that there are people who are angry with the Government of Spain and, of course, if the Government Delegation authorizes this demonstration, there is nothing more to say, “said Aguado, one of the leaders of Cs in Madrid, in statements to the media during a visit in Valdemoro.

The spokesperson for Unidas Podemos in the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Echenique, has also valued the caravans of cars organized by Vox.

“How has the polluting ‘demonstration’ gone in favor of mass contagion and against scientists?” Asked his Twitter profile, a few minutes after the far-right party ended the calls in cities like Madrid, where traffic problems were occurring due to the influx of protesters.

The leader of Más País and deputy in Congress, Inigo Errejon, has also censored the demonstration. Along with a video recorded in the Plaza de Cibeles in which an ambulance with difficulties to circulate is seen, Errejón has written: “The fatherland is to take care of ourselves. Nothing to do with the parade of the unsolidarity of the young men.”