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The animal was later found by British soldiers, who handed it over to the Soviet Union. From 1946 he lived in the Moscow zoo.

Saturn ‘, the American alligator from the Moscow zoo, died this Friday at 84 years Due to his old age, the institution confirmed this Saturday on his Facebook account.

The animal was born in 1936 in the USA. and then he was transferred to the Berlin Zoo, from where ran away after the bombing that the center suffered on November 23, 1943 during World War II.

What happened during the next 3 years of his life is unknown, but during 1946 British soldiers found him and in July handed over to the Soviet Union. Almost immediately the myth arose that ‘Satúrn’ was allegedly part of Hitler’s private collection, and not the zoo in the German capital.

According to Muscovite employees, the animal was “picky about its food and had an excellent memory of its keepers”, too “he loved to be brushedIn addition, the experts stressed that, in their natural habitat, the life expectancy of this species is between 30 and 50 years.