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Buenos Aires, May 22 . .- Argentina registered 718 new cases of coronaviruses on Friday and the country exceeded 10,000 infections, while 17 people died in the last 24 hours and brought the death toll to 433 since the start of the pandemic.

The case curve has gained momentum in recent days and a new daily maximum was reached today, largely due to the situation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), made up of the capital and the large urban cordon that surrounds it and known as conurbano.

The Ministry of Health reported in its afternoon report that, of the new infections detected, 404 belong to Buenos Aires and 266 to the province of Buenos Aires, to which the conurbano belongs, making them the main focus of COVID-19. in Argentina: between both districts there are 670 cases out of 718 daily, 93.31 percent.

About 13 million people live in the AMBA and the quarantine there is stricter than in the rest of Argentina, where a greater opening of the economy has already begun due to the absence of infections in many provinces.

Of the total of 10,649 infections that the country has experienced, 8.9% have been imported, 43.6% are close contacts of confirmed cases, 31.1% are the product of community circulation and the rest are under investigation epidemiological.


Health authorities reported 17 deaths in the last 24 hours: seven were in Buenos Aires, four in the province of the same name, two in Río Negro (south), two in Chaco (north), one in Córdoba (center) and one of which no provenance was specified.

The victims were five men, eleven women and one victim of whom no sex was specified.

In addition to the two deaths it had today, Chaco was the third administrative jurisdiction with the highest number of cases detected on the day with 27, and it is also the third in total number of positives, with 721.

This Friday, 17 of the 24 administrative jurisdictions in Argentina did not register cases.

Two of the provinces, the northern ones, Formosa and Catamarca, have remained without cases since the start of the pandemic and another six remain below 15 cases.

The discharges granted to people who have overcome the disease total 3,062.