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The president of FC BarcelonaJosep María Bartomeu, together with his directive, they go over all possible strategies to save the club economy who is experiencing a difficult situation. Already in March when the clubs began to apply ERTEs and staff reductions, the Barça president asked his team for an effort and cut your salary… a formula that seems to have “worked” and that Bartomeu wants to repeat.

This was reported by Catalunya Radio, which was on May 23 when the president showed himself in one of the first team training sessions after his return to activity and where he again proposed, or rather asked, that their wages are lowered again. A decision backed by the CEO, Óscar Grau, and the person in charge of cutting professional athletes, Albert Soler.

However, the alleged number that Bartomeu wants to reach would not seem so high if it is put in perspective with what more than one perceives at the end of the year. The total reduction they ask for from the top is 10 million euros among all the first-team footballers. However, the template has not yet been pronounced.

That is why, from the directive, other ways of cutting long-term expenses and do not rule out having to review the contracts of some of his footballers at the end of the season. We remember that wages Barça footballers get something more than 50% of the budget of 1,000 million euros presented by the club in September.