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Brazil registered a new maximum of daily deaths from coronavirus on June 2.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Tuesday that he regrets the fatalities caused by the pandemic, but the death “is everyone’s destiny”. His statement came at a time when the Latin American country records a new maximum of daily deaths from covid-19, local media reported.

I regret all the dead, but that is the destiny of the whole world, “replied the president to one of his supporters, who asked for” a word of comfort at this time “to “countless” mourners.

Bolsonaro previously compared the coronavirus pandemic to deaths from traffic accidents. “Are some going to die? They are going to die, sorry. This is life. You can’t stop a car factory because of deaths in traffic accidents, “he said.

The Ministry of Health reported on June 2 that the total number of deaths in the country, due to covid-19, amounted to 31,199. Likewise, 28,936 new confirmed cases of coronavirus were registered in one day, reaching 555,383 infections accumulatedsides since the start of the pandemic.

With these figures, Brazil is worldwide the second most affected nation because of the pandemic, just behind the US