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This Saturday, Pedro Sánchez has encouraged tourists, both national and foreign, start booking your vacation “now” In our country.

“There will be a tourist season this summer”, he stated during his last appearance. This will start from July, when there is the possibility that foreign people can travel to Spain.

He has assured that the trips will take place with the necessary “security conditions”, both in the country of origin and the destination.

“Spain needs tourism,” said the Prime Minister. And the population has not been slow to react to these words. As Antonio Rull, Product Marketing Manager of El Confidencial, has collected through Twitter, at the same time that it was announced that it will be possible to travel this summer, the Searches to book a vacation have skyrocketed on pages like Booking, Rumbo, Catch It, Expedia or Kayak.

Our country receives about 80 million foreign visitors a year. Therefore, the break in the hospitality and hotel sector could have serious consequences for the economy, who are already preparing to work in a few unusual summer months.