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The images show a young man giving multiple punches to an old man who is in bed and cannot even defend himself or respond.

US President Donald Trump commented on Friday a recent video showing a 75-year-old man being beaten by a young man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan, which raised a wave of outrage in the Net.

“Unbelievable. Can this be real? Where is this residence? How is the victim?” Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

The video shows how a young man, who according to local media had been temporarily admitted to the residence for rehabilitation and recovery, punches multiple times an elderly man who is in bed and can not even defend himself or respond. The assailant continues to beat until the old man’s cheek begins to bleed. Then the author of the video, which lasts a minute and a half, begins to make racist insults against the victim.

This Thursday, the local police confirmed having arrested a 20-year-old man for attacking and assaulting an older man.

The victim of the assault is in a local hospital recovering from the injuries, which are not life threatening.