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From this Thursday, the use of masks is mandatory in closed spaces and on public roads cWhen it is not possible to keep the minimum distance two meters between people. To better understand what type of masks is best suited to each situation, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs prepared this guide.

In this context in which masks take on more importance if possible, the Carrefour supermarket chain has announced the new range of masks that will be available in their establishments.

Non-reusable hygienic masks

Until now, Carrefour mainly had non-reusable hygienic masks that are the recommended for the general population healthy who has no contact with Covid-19 patients.

The company announces the sale of these non-reusable hygienic masks in packs of 25 units at € 14.90 (€ 0.59 per unit) and in packs of 10 units at € 6 (€ 0.60 per unit).

These masks comply with the UNE0064 standard and have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 95%. The masks are for adults and children from 12 years and protect from the inside out.

Reusable hygienic mask and FFP2 mask

Carrefour itself points out that reusable hygienic masks they are “the first on the market according to standards”. These masks comply with the UNE065 standard and have a double layer of Lyocell. There are sizes for adults and children and they are sold in packs of 2 units for € 7. According to the Spanish Association for Standardization, this mask “must be able to withstand at least 5 washing and drying cycles maintaining their performance

The masks FFP2 are a type of self-filtering mask disposable capable of filtering 92% of the particles in the air. This type of mask protects and limits the spread of contagion. It features adjustable bands and a nose clip and the pack of 5 units costs € 20. These masks are recommended for those who care for or are in contact with symptomatic or positive people by Covid-19.

Mask covers

Aside from face masks, it also advertises mask cover packs. These face masks are designed to incorporate on top of any respiratory protection element and avoid direct contact of the mask with your hands. Protects the mask and prevents splashes.

They can be found in white in packs of 3 units for € 5, or with prints in packs of 2 units for € 5. They are washable and they are adjusted by laces or rubber bands. In the case of prints, there are sizes for adults and children.