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The delay in publishing the data on deaths due to coronaviruses by the Catalan autonomous authorities is causing the accumulation of cases in the last 48 hours until practically reaching a thousand.

To the number of 635 deaths due to coronaviruses confirmed by PCR test that the Generalitat sent to the central government on Friday, another 360 will now be added, according to data provided this Saturday by the Catalan Health Minister, Alba Vergés.

The counselor has appeared precisely to defend her management against the central government, which, through the coordinator of the Center for Emergencies and Health Alerts, Fernando Simón, had expressed on Friday his concern about the problems and inconsistencies in the data provided by Catalonia.

Vergés, who has stated that “who knows what happens in Catalonia is us”, has indicated that there is a total of 7,023 deaths with positive PCR in the autonomous community, of which the Ministry has a record of 6,663.

In this way, the Catalan Autonomous Executive will send a total of 995 coronavirus deaths in just 48 hours, figures that they do not correspond in any case to deaths only in the last two days, but they drag a significant delay.

This accumulation of data occurs just when Barcelona and its metropolitan area are finally preparing to advance to phase 1 of the confinement de-escalation, being the last region of Spain to do so together with the Community of Madrid and the provincial capitals of Castilla y León .