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Something is going on in Catalonia. This Friday, the Catalan community threw, in its daily data on the coronavirus, the figure of 635 new deceased due to illness. On the other hand, Health only included three in the daily accounting. And what’s more, this Friday, Health approved the pass of the entire phase community. Specifically, in the case of Barcelona, ​​to phase 1.

Fernando Simón himself said this Friday: “Catalonia has been having problems with data validation for two days.” Specifically, during the last week there was a disparity between the reported figures and the subtraction of the totals. Specifically, 14, 15 and a victim. But in Friday’s record 688 more deaths emerged. Health recognizes 56 of them. That is, 688 dead of whom nothing was known and of which Catalonia reports 635.

According to Health, the imbalances are due to the fact that the Communities have notified old cases, but nothing was known about the 635 deaths in Catalonia.

Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, said this Friday that Catalonia “has notified more confirmed cases from previous days” and admitted that “your data has some inconsistencies”, so “we are trying to understand what has happened”.

Simón admitted that what happened this Friday “it has worried a lot” in Health and that “it is not trivial not to know what is happening in Catalonia”. “If this problem is not solved, there will have to be discussions at a higher level,” he warned.

Not only that: Fernando Simón said on Friday that an outbreak had occurred in an area of ​​Catalonia: “We know that this is associated with a specific area, which is not in all of Catalonia, but we are concerned, because if it is happening in one specific area it could happen in others “.

The Generalitat denies it

The Catalan autonomous government responded to Simón this Friday. The Department of Health of the Generalitat denied that there is a specific area in Catalonia that indicates that “the evolution and data of the epidemic are evolving worse and differently than expected”.

“Catalonia publishes every day all the data: positive, suspected cases, deaths declared by funeral homes and classified by place of death, among others,” said the Catalan Department of Health, which stressed that these data “show today (Friday) an evolution as expected “.

“Of the set of data that Health publishes, the Ministry only asks us to notify some of them, and it is only these that the Ministry knows. In this sense, it must be remembered that the Ministry only receives data and interprets it, but it is the Generalitat de Catalonia who knows the epidemiological reality“from the community, they concluded.