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Vox spokesman in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, compared this Saturday the crowded streets of Madrid to participate in the anti-government demonstration with the celebration that took place when Spain won the soccer World Cup in the year 2010.

“The closest thing I saw this was when we won the World Cup. People on the streets, with joy, civically, joyfully expressing their right to protest,” he said. from the convertible bus from which the leaders of Vox They have led the motorcade of vehicles that has collapsed the center of the capital.

“This is wonderful,” summed up the Vox parliamentary spokesman before the cameras of the “official” television that has broadcast the demonstration.

According to data from the Government Delegation, around 6,000 vehicles have joined the march summoned by the party led by Santiago Abascal, collapsing the center of Madrid. These protests have also been repeated in all the provincial capitals.