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Madrid, May 23 . .- The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that “there will be a tourist season this summer” and the “safe” opening of the borders from July to foreign visitors, a measure that will affect millions of tourists , especially from Great Britain, Germany and France.

Sánchez has offered a telematic press conference on the seventieth day of confinement and restrictions on mobility and activity due to the coronavirus, in which he has urged the sector to prepare for the reopening “in safety conditions.”

It has been on a Saturday with 48 deaths per day due to coronavirus, which closes a full week below the hundred fatalities of the disease. In addition, the number of new infections confirmed by PCR is 361, 85 less than yesterday.

The Chief Executive has ratified the return date of foreign tourists, announced in an interview with Efe last Thursday by the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, after stressing that “the worst is over” but it is necessary to maintain prudence to complete the de-escalation.

Sánchez has taken advantage of his speech to the media to announce the revival of professional football starting the week of June 8 and the declaration of next Tuesday ten days of official mourning, the longest in the recent democratic stage.

Another measure announced in its telematic appearance has been the approval of what is known as the minimum vital income, which will begin to be collected in June and will benefit nearly 850,000 households.

Shortly before the appearance of the chief executive, and in protest of his management in the face of the pandemic, thousands of people across Spain have supported the motorized mobilizations called by Vox to demand the resignation of Sánchez. It is the first call for protests across the country since the state of alarm was established.

In Madrid the greatest influx has been registered, with the center collapsing for a few hours. Six thousand people, according to the Madrid Government Delegation, have demonstrated in their cars, with their mandatory masks and with a horn blow.

In general, the marches have passed without incident, although the influx of people who have joined the march on foot has made it very difficult to respect the two meters of security in Madrid. There was an altercation in Jaén, where the police are looking for the author of the shots against a car that was participating in the march.

Beyond the announcements and protests, the Official State Gazette has published this Saturday the approval of the fifth extension of the state of alarm, which will end on June 7, and new orders that modify from Monday different previous regulations on the de-escalation process.

Among the novelties is that in phase 1, the time limitations previously provided for the movement of the child population and the practice of non-professional physical activity will not apply.

And in phase 2, autonomous communities and cities will be able to allow visits to residents of sheltered homes, residences for people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as walking with residents, and establishing the requirements and conditions of these visits and walks.

Also in this phase, the educational administrations will be able to determine if they are returning to face-to-face non-university education and determine under what conditions.

And the reopening of other educational centers, such as academies or driving schools, is allowed, keeping the appropriate hygiene and prevention measures.

Likewise, in phase 2, the autonomous communities and cities may modify the percentage of expected capacity and the occupation of the outdoor terraces, provided they are not less than thirty percent nor greater than fifty percent.

As for the beaches, among the main measures is to establish a security perimeter of two meters with respect to other users.

Municipalities may establish limitations on access, always free, and capacity on beaches in order to ensure that this interpersonal distance is respected. In addition to establishing limits on the permanence times in them.

As for cultural shows, in phase 1 they will be able to reopen all the premises and establishments where cultural acts and shows take place whose activity had been suspended after the declaration of the state of alarm, provided they do not exceed a third of the authorized capacity.

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If they are held indoors, there may not be more than thirty people in total and, if they are outdoors, the maximum capacity will be two hundred people.

On the other hand, the suspension of activities related to intervention works in existing buildings in all territorial units in phase 1 and later is lifted.

And the reopening of the natural parks is allowed as long as it does not exceed twenty percent of the maximum capacity allowed, as well as the cable cars, which must limit the capacity of each cabin to fifty percent. EFE

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