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The life of a footballer is not always as easy as it seems and the former English international player Lee Hendrie is an example of this. The former midfielder of the Aston Villa, among other teams, developed a long career in the Premier League, but he was in great trouble when retiring from the sport.

At 43, Hendrie, who works as a commentator on television in his country, confessed that after hanging up his boots entered a spiral of destruction in which he suffered financial problems, a depression and starred repeated suicide attempts.

Hendrie debuted as a soccer player in 1995, wearing the Aston Villa, where he played until 2006. However, when he made the leap to Indonesian football in 2011 had played in 8 Premier teams, although he changed his shirt on more occasions, as he went twice for the town, the Stoke City and the Sheffield United.

His adventure in the Asian country did not last long, since that same year he returned to England, where he was registered by five different teams until 2012 he decided to hang up his boots, although the problems started long before.

“The football was almost over and my head was gone. I had been trying to sell propertiesbut the real estate market plummeted, “said Hendrie. recalling his personal hell in the second chapter of the ITV program Harry’s Heroes.

The spiral began in 2010, when signed with Bradford City of the fourth division of British football, and things went from bad to worse: “I really fell into a depression. I ended up bankruptThey seized my mother’s house and that destroyed me. ”

In his heartbreaking account, Hendrie reveals that “one day I got up fucked up and tried to kill myself …. AND I woke up on a life support machine. My body had stopped, “he said before confessing that” then I tried again. “