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Guatemala, May 22 . .- Guatemala served two months on Friday under a curfew for the coronavirus, waiting for the worst, after beating its own case record in a single day on Thursday with 247 coronavirus infections.

The Central American country imposed the curfew on March 22, with 18 cases of COVID-19 and one deceased, and two months later it accumulates 2,512 infections and 48 deaths.

The 247 cases on Thursday represent the highest number detected in a single day since the first case was disclosed, on March 13, and confirm the words weeks ago of the Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei, who warned the peak of the disease would come in May.

Guatemala exceeded the barrier of 100 daily coronavirus infections with 143 new cases on May 13 and on May 14, just over a week ago, it had registered the highest figure in a single day, 176.


Giammattei called for the calm of the population in an intervention by national network on Thursday and also expressed his confidence in getting out of the situation.

“We have overcome eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and even a 36-year-old internal armed confrontation. We have overcome everything. That virus, that little thing, cannot be greater than the will of Guatemalans,” said the president.

The Guatemalan president also valued the performance of 1,852 tests in a single day on Thursday, the highest daily number since tests began in February.

According to Giammattei, Guatemala has carried out 25,400 tests to detect COVID-19, that is, 1,415 tests for every million inhabitants.

According to various sources, the continent’s average is around 4,000 tests per million inhabitants and 1,415 tests per million leave Guatemala with one of the lowest rates in the region.

Giammattei had ordered a general quarantine on March 15 and a curfew since March 22, but decided to gradually “reopen” the country on May 3.

The “reopening”, however, was interrupted on May 14 when Giammattei ordered to be confined for 21 hours a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to the increase in cases.

Currently the country is under curfew from five in the afternoon to five in the morning from Monday to Friday, and in total confinement for the weekends.

On May 12, the municipal mayor of Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala, Juan Fernando López, asked for “total” confinement for several days due to COVID-19, or otherwise, “we are going to die many,” he assured. before the increase of cases.

At least 181 Guatemalan officials have contracted the disease from police, municipal transit agents, members of the health system and workers from some ministries, according to various state sources.

The Human Rights Ombudsman has warned of the possible saturation of hospitals this week, especially since Guatemala has made the decision to hospitalize hundreds of asymptomatic patients for their control.