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After the interview with Leo Harlem this Monday, The anthill contacted Mónica Cruz, who commented with Pablo Motos and his collaborators on his latest series, Madres, where “I make a mother a little bitch” and who shares the limelight with Belén Rueda or Carmen Ruiz, among others.

The presenter wanted to know whose birthday it had been, since in the background of the video call there were some balloons and a congratulation: “It is my daughter’s birthday, it was last Thursday (she turned 7), but we left it there”, noted the actress.

Motos asked her how, as a mother, how she had managed to confine herself to the coronavirus health alert with her daughter: “Would you say that when you have children, your fears are greater?”.

Much more. I already say that I don’t want to read or listen to anything because to think that this can be extended and that my daughter has such a limited part of her childhood and not being able to be free, have your routines … “, commented the actress.

He also commented that “seeing that children are affected by fear, frustration, that they are at an age that they are in the middle, that they understand, but they do not understand it overwhelms me a lot. I try to go day by day and think that this is going to be solved. “

“Please, that we do it well, it is solved, this bug is gone and that the children return to normal. Above all, for them”Cruz said. Motos insisted on the subject and asked his guest about how his daughter had carried it: “What notes do you have that affects him? She is more serious, she plays less …”.

The actress replied that “handling something that you cannot solve as a mother frustrates you and makes you quite sad. It’s a hidden fear. The first day that you could go for a walk I had an illusion … she prepared a backpack, a suitcase, the bike … super happy. “

Mónica Cruz, in ‘El hormiguero’.ATRESMEDIA

“We were going to leave in the afternoon in the schedule that could, and when the time came he said he didn’t want to go out because he was scared. I told him that we had to go out and break with that, like me, that I went out to buy after two months at home, “recalled Cruz.

And he added that “from the new normal, and with all the care required, you have to start moving.” The comment about her daughter caught Motos’s attention a lot, but the actress told her that “It is normal, they are at an age that, if we do not understand or know how to handle it, imagine a child”.

He also recalled that “luckily I have a garden and he has been able to jump and run,” but he had words for the thousands of children who have been in flats during the confinement: “That, psychologically, has to affect. I hope this happens quickly so that they forget “Cruz concluded.