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The fighter says that after being released by WWE she has contacted a mixed martial arts coach because she had always wanted to try herself in the octagon.

Sarah Rowe, the WWE wrestler known as Sarah Logan at that company, broke the silence on Friday in a video from her newly created YouTube channel ‘The Wild and Free TV’ to venture a possible step into mixed martial arts. Since she was released by WWE in mid-April, not a day has passed without training and she says she “wants to fight.”

“A month ago WWE released me. I’m 26 years old now. I’ve been fighting since I was 17. The fight has been the only thing I’ve done since I was 17“said the athlete.

As soon as his WWE tie ended, he wrote to a coach to fulfill another of his dreams: “I’ve always wanted to do an MMA fight. I know it’s kind of a lane change, but it’s also something I always wanted to do. The day that I was free I wrote a coach here in Cleveland […] and I said, ‘I want to fight,’ and I’ve been training since that day.

She also spoke about the farm that she and her husband and also fighter Raymond Rowe (known in WWE as Erik of the ‘Viking Raiders’) own in Ohio, of about 20 hectares, and thanks to which they plan to live in a self-sufficient way, including should the covid-19 pandemic continue to rage: “We want to know that if the world goes to hell, our home will be a happy place for us. A place where we can take refuge and live.”