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If last week was Fani Carbajo who gave a heartbreaking interview in Sálvame Deluxe where he told some of the most complicated episodes of his childhood, this Saturday will be Gema, the daughter of Ana María Aldón, starting at 22:00.

And it is that there are many doubts that have arisen from the shocking statements made by the contestant of Survivors 2020 in The Bridge of Life last Tuesday, when she spoke of the mistreatment that his father perpetrated on his mother during his childhood and youth.

It will be the first time that he sits on a set. The daughter of the couple of José Ortega Cano has decided to break their silence after years in which she was related to José Fernando, the son of the bullfighter, and pointed out his alleged bad relationship with Gloria Camila.

In addition, this time the polygraph of the program becomes a multipoli. Similar to last week’s polideluxe, in which Sofía Suescun and Gustavo González answered questions about their relationship with José Antonio Avilés, this time the protagonist will be Antonio Montero.

For this, Kiko Matamoros, Lydia Lozano, Mila Ximénez and Chelo García Cortés will submit to the Conchita contraption due, among other things, to the incendiary statements Lozano made about him last Wednesday in Save me on the media case of the daughter of Al Bano and Romina, Ylenia Carrisi.