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Called SpaceX Demo-2, the mission is NASA’s first space trip with astronauts led by a private company.

This Saturday, March 30, SpaceX, the billionaire Elon Musk’s aerospace transport company, aspires to become the first private company in history to put astronauts into orbit.

In addition, the mission, which has been dubbed SpaceX Demo-2, is NASA’s first astronaut space trip to take off from American soil in nearly a decade. Initially, the launch was scheduled for Wednesday May 27 but was postponed due to weather issues.

US astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will take off at 19:22 GMT from the same launch pad that was used during the last NASA space shuttle mission in 2011. Astronauts will take off aboard the docked Crew Dragon space capsule. to the SpaceX reusable Falcon 9 rocket.

The exact length of Hurley and Behnken’s stay in space has yet to be determined, although according to NASA, the capsule used in this flight test can remain in orbit for up to 110 days. The Crew Dragon operational ship will be able to do so for at least 210 days.

A successful move would allow NASA to achieve its highest priority of opening “a new era of manned space flight,” in which “US astronauts are re-launched on a US rocket from US soil,” according to the agency on its website. .

Since the suspension of NASA’s shuttle program in 2011, the US space agency has transferred its astronauts to the International Space Station using Soyuz rockets from the Russian Federal Space Agency, in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus, the launch of this Wednesday is of vital importance for the US, which seeks not to depend on Russian technology in the relaunch of its space race

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