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President Donald Trump spoke on the death of David Dorn and expressed his “greatest respect” to the family of the deceased police officer.

A retired captain of the Police of the city of San Luis (Missouri, USA) was assassinated Tuesday by looters while he was protecting a pawn shop. His death was publicly seen during a broadcast on Facebook Live, local media reported.

Ann Marie Dorn, wife of David Dorn, reported that her husband worked at the store, owned by a friend, and arrived there when burglar alarm activated. At approximately 2:30 local time, he was shot in the torso and died at the scene.

Until now there are no detainees for the case. Authorities offered a $ 100,000 reward for all information crucial to the investigation.

Meanwhile, several people have reported on social networks that the death of the retired police officer was seen during a broadcast on Facebook Live. In this context, a spokesperson for that company stated that they are “saddened by what took place in San Luis.” “In accordance with our policy, the video has been covered with a warning screen, but it remains on the platform so that people can become aware of or condemn the event,” he said.

US President Donald Trump spoke on his Twitter account of Dorn’s death and expressed “greatest respect” to the family of the deceased police officer. “Our greatest respect to the family of David Dorn, the great captain of the San Luis Police, who was brutally shot and killed by despicable looters last night. We honor our Police officers, perhaps more than ever before. Thank you! “He wrote this June 2.

Tim Fitch, a former chief of the San Luis Police, called Dorn a “true public official”, who always was “protecting and serving all the way to the end

In different US cities Massive protests have been taking place following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, shortly after he was arrested for alleged “ongoing fraud.”

According to the autopsy, George Floyd died on May 25 as a consequence of “a cardiopulmonary arrest” that occurred while he was being reduced by a law enforcement officer (or several) who immobilized him and applied “neck compression” with knee for more than 8 minutes, while stopped.