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Oriana Marzoli has attended this Saturday the march called by Vox against the Government’s action during the state of alarm.

The influencer has published several videos on her social networks in the center of Madrid at the time the demonstration was taking place. Attendees encouraged him to join them, yelling at him: “Oriana, long live Spain!”. We have automatically been able to see how she has joined the concentration,climb from his convertible car, with a flag.

“Sounds good loud!”The other women and men ex-tronista and vice versa encouraged the other vehicles to continue making noise.

Social networks have exploded against her upon seeing these publications, to which she has responded that one can express a different opinion, without disrespecting others. “There is freedom of expression, and we have the right to have a different opinionFor this reason, we are not better or worse people, “he said.

Some of those comments did not sit well with Oriana, and she did not hesitate to answer one of the users resulting in adiscussion.