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Islamabad, May 23 . .- One of the two survivors of the plane that crashed in Pakistan related from the hospital his experience in the accident of the aircraft, from which he escaped surrounded by fire and screams from the other passengers, from the 97 died.

“The plane crashed. Then all I saw on the plane was fire. I did not see people,” Mohamed Zubair told Pakistani television Geo late yesterday from the hospital bed where he is recovering from the accident.

“I heard screams in all directions. Screams of children, adults, the elderly,” continued the patient.

Zubair explained that after the collision he took off his seat belt and went to a point of light he was seeing.

“I went into the light and I was successful. I had to jump about three meters to get out (of the plane),” said the traveler.

Zubair said that when they were approaching Karachi, the pilot announced that they were going to land, but he aborted the operation and then tried again 10 or 15 minutes later, without success.

The patient is admitted to a hospital in Karachi, where the A-320 of the state company Pakistan International Airlines crashed yesterday with 99 people on board in a residential area near the airport of the city.

“(Zubair) He has burns in 31% of his body. At the moment he is fine, but there may be complications later,” Munir Sadiq, a doctor at the Karachi Civil Hospital, where the survivor is admitted, told Efe today.

The other passenger who survived is the President of the Bank of the Punjab, Zafar Masood.

91 passengers and 8 crew members were traveling on the A-320 flying between Lahore and Karachi, of which 97 have died.

The country had also recently resumed local flights after paralyzing aviation due to the coronavirus crisis, which has so far left 1,101 dead and 52,411 infected on Pakistani soil.

Pakistan is no stranger to air casualties. In 2010, it suffered one of its worst air tragedies, when 152 people died in a plane crash near Islamabad.

Two years later, another plane crash killed 138 passengers near the capital.

And in December 2016, another accident killed 48 people on a journey between Chitral (north) and Islamabad.