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Asunción, May 23 . .- Paraguay carried out the largest number of samples for COVID-19 this Saturday, a total of 937 that gave twelve positives, with the number of deaths located at eleven and on the eve of the entry into phase two de-escalation, which opens the door to a greater number of professional activities.

The record of this Saturday, released by the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, totals 850 the number of infected to date, while there are 298 people recovered from the coronavirus.

The drop in the number of infections in Paraguay, with one of the lowest records in the region, prompted Mazzoleni’s recommendation to start phase two of the “smart quarantine” on Monday, which will end on June 15 and It includes the opening of shopping malls, but excluding leisure activities in them.

It also authorizes the execution of civil works and 50 percent of the activity of corporate offices, as well as weddings and baptisms, but with a maximum of ten people.

The phase also preludes the resumption of professional football, as it allows individual training, leaving the return of the competition to the next period of quarantine.

More distant seems the opening of the borders with neighboring countries, especially with Brazil, whose high numbers of cases and deaths worry the Paraguayan government as the greatest threat of contagion.

Thus, the Government reported that this Friday the country’s president, Mario Abdo Benítez, had a conversation with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro, with whom he agreed that the borders will be reopened “when conditions are in place.”

A total of 3,821 Paraguayans have returned to the country since the borders were closed on March 23, many of them from Brazil, after being unemployed due to the coronavirus.

The Government is working on the repatriation of more compatriots from next week, who will comply with the required quarantine in the shelters set up for this purpose.