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The Argentine artist died on May 15 at the age of 71, after spending 14 months in a delicate state after the fall in the middle of a show.

The lawyer Diego Colombo confirmed this Thursday that the family of the Argentine singer Sergio Denis, who died on May 15, will sue the Mercedes Sosa theater from the province of Tucumán, where the artist fell from the stage that left him in a delicate health situation for 14 months, until his death.

“Sergio’s death accelerated the decision to open a court case”, expressed the lawyer in the Intruders program.

“The wait was always given because we bet on the miracle and if Denis was connected to reality again, it was he who was going to manage the strategy,” he added. However, “this did not happen”, so from the inner circle of the deceased musician are “convinced that actions must be initiated”.

“We want to do this so it doesn’t happen again, not only in this theater, but in any of Argentina, “said Colombo.

The fall that shocked the Argentines

The fall of the famous singer-songwriter occurred on March 11, 2019, causing shock in Argentine society. At that time, the romantic music artist was preparing to sing his classic, ‘I call you to say goodbye’, but he stomped and went towards a three meter cliff.

Denis is currently remembered by people of all ages. Their songs became so popular that they also crossed the world of soccer and today it is normal to hear fans in different countries encouraging their clubs with their melodies.

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