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Hackers have had access to its early version since at least February.

There are still weeks until the official presentation of iOS 14, the next iPhone operating system, which will reportedly take place on June 22. However, Vice revealed on Friday that a group of ‘hackers’ and security researchers have had access to an early version. since at least February.

The media pointed out that, although the leaks of the new Apple operating systems are not new, in this case it is “the first time” that their Complete version it has fallen into the hands of hackers so many months before its launch.

It was announced that iOS 14 could have been leaked through an iPhone 11 that had its version, dated December 2019 and created to be used only by Apple developers. According to sources, the phone was purchased for thousands of dollars in China.

Vice noted that it is “almost certain” that the final version of iOS will work differently than the initial version, but the leak has allowed iPhone ‘hackers’ and researchers to get enough time to “probe” iOS 14 in search of their vulnerabilities.

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