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After confirming the death of its star, the Stardom company promised to pay more attention to the mental health of its athletes.

Several fighters expressed their condolences and strongly condemned the online harassment, after the death of Hana Kimura, 22, who was a Stardom star, and who had become the target of a wave of criticism on networks, was revealed. social in recent months.

After her death, the aforementioned Japanese women’s wrestling company issued a statement, in which she stated that she will investigate the circumstances of the event, and promised pay more attention to mental health of their athletes.

British Stardom fighter Jamie Hayter admitted that she did not know “what to say or feel” after the death of her Japanese colleague, whom she described as “a beautiful soul” and “kind”. “I hope you have found peace,” he said, before lashing out at the people behind Internet bullying. “Fuck you guys who preach to be good to people and be better, but they don’t reflect it in their daily life or they don’t stick to their actions. We lose beautiful people because of that,” he reiterated.

Also against the harassment in the networks, Momo Watanabe, another fighter from Stardom, expressed herself, who encouraged all Internet users to “realize the weight of words“and not resort to this type of behavior on the Web.

Fighter Tam Nakano, from the same company, asked everyone to remember that each person behind the screen “not an idol, but a human with a heart“adding that” she is angry that hatred begins to grow in her after this unfounded hatred “towards Kimura.

Simone G Johnson, daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who recently joined WWE, reiterated that anyone who participated in the actions to harass Kimura “to death” cannot call themselves ” a wrestling fan. ” Meanwhile, Paige, a WWE star, stressed that “the Internet It can be a cruel and disgusting place“and said that the death of his Japanese colleague” breaks his heart. “

For his part, MMA star Cris Cyborg stated that “his heart is broken” by the news of Kimura’s death, adding that “online bullying needs to be stopped


“I will always love and miss you, my friend. You are my little sister,” said American wrestler Su Yung.

In addition, other fighters went to their social networks to share the happy moments they lived with the Japanese figure and express their sincere condolences.

At the moment cause of Kimura’s death unknown. Previously, the star of the Japanese company published on Twitter some images of alleged self-inflicted injuries and a message in which he affirmed be “weak” and “dead”. “Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love him. I am weak, sorry. I don’t want to be a human anymore,” she wrote and ended the post by saying “goodbye.”

However, the tweets in question, in which the fighter claimed receive almost 100 opinions every day that “hurt” him, have already been removed from your account.