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There will be a summer season. Pedro Sanchez He wants to turn off the alarms and he did so last Saturday, when he announced the revival of tourism, let’s say, in two phases. The first, from this week, when the establishments will be able to start preparing to receive tourists. The second, from July 1, when the arrival of foreigners will be allowed. “The worst is over,” said the president of the government. But now another challenge opens up to face. And is that Spain It is reopening the doors to tourism at different rates than the surrounding countries and among harsh criticism of the sector for lack of concrete measures.

One of the most controversial restrictions has been the mandatory quarantine for travelers. That plan ends: once the alarm state is lifted. The Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, confirmed this after the French Minister for Ecological Transition, Élisabeth Terminalregret the “contradictory” guidelines of the Executive Spanish. The truth is that, to give three examples, Italy, Portugal and Greece they were launched earlier with the opening of the beaches and resuming national tourism.

“It is a measure that we do not understand,” he commented at the time to 20 minutes Carlos Abella, Secretary General of the Tourism Board. The governmentIn this context, it has decided to partially correct the course. We will see if it is not late. “Not to go in a hurry we will be the first in the class,” said the minister to calm the waters. But Executive It still has many fronts open and summer is just around the corner. Abella he is able to point out a trend: “Movements in the tourism sector in the short term will be characterized by proximity travel, avoiding places with a large influx of people.”

“Some of our competing destinations have already started their activity, as is the case of Portugal, which already has some of its beaches open and which will receive international tourism on June 15, and others that have announced the specific opening dates, “he recalls Abella. For him, he regrets that the announcement of Sanchez it was done “without announcing” dates.

From the Tourism Table they ask for more clarity. “Tourists and the sector need to be certain on what specific dates they will be able to travel and, above all, that they will not find themselves in the situation of having to carry out a quarantine, the measure of which has not yet been repealed,” they comment, before to defend that the sector “is ready to start the activity on June 15, with all the guarantees of application of the developed hygienic-sanitary protocols”, which have been coordinated by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality and in whose development representatives from 21 tourism subsectors have participated, in addition to having been validated by the Ministry of Health.

“Every day that passes without clearly defining the start dates of the activity and the later we do it, all it entails is more accumulated losses for the sector and the risk of destroying jobs, “says Abella.

“Spain cannot be left behind”

Spain presents a tourist offer “for everyone” and “of all kinds”, but it cannot lag behind the pace set by other countries. The Citizen MEP, José Ramón Bauzá, explain what “Spain he is very late “compared to the rest. And he puts a little context:” When the Commission brings out its recommendations, Spain places a mandatory quarantine on travelers, “something that misses the mark.” government I already knew “that some guidelines were going to be given. Also, Bauzá clarifies that this quarantine “should have been put at the peak of the pandemic” as it did Germany.

The alarms have gone off in the operators and tourist companies. “They couldn’t believe that Spain it was closing to tourist opportunities “, which caused them to” move all their offer “. In conclusion,” we are losing a month of tourism “and the decisions made generate “mistrust in the market” and do “harm”.

“We are losing a month of tourism and the decisions generate mistrust in the market and it hurts”

Airlines are another edge in this matter. The EU It continues to defend the rights of travelers, and it must be borne in mind that the European directive guarantees all consumers the right to be reimbursed for a flight canceled within a maximum of seven days whenever they request it. The companies, however, are only giving the possibility of the vouchers. These may be an option, but not mandatory. In that position, the lobby group made up of airlines insists on a temporary exemption from this directive arguing that the return of the money would suppose the bankruptcy of the sector.

On the other hand, tourism companies led the rises on the Ibex 35 this Monday, after Pedro Sanchez, in which he stated that the tourist season this year will start in early July. The tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus crisis due to traffic restrictions and the mandatory closure of establishments.

In April, overnight stays in Spanish establishments fell 100% and the Alliance for Tourism Excellence (Exceltur) estimated that losses this year they would reach 92,000 million. However, the announcement that the season may begin in July for both domestic and foreign tourists, always safely, has brought relief to the uncertainty that the sector was going through.