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The Government of Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaidó signed a agreement with which they foresee that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) manage money and other aid for the attention of the COVID-19 pandemic in Venezuela, the parties involved reported on Tuesday.

Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodríguez announced the agreement as Good news” without ceasing to emphasize repeatedly that this is a rapprochement between the Maduro Executive and “a sector” of anti-Chavism, although the signatory of the opposition side is the infectious medicine doctor Julio Castro, appointed by Guaidó as health adviser of Parliament.

“Both parties propose work in coordination with the support of PAHO in the search for financial resources that contribute to strengthening the response capacities of the country to attend to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, “reads the letter, read by Rodríguez.

Although the majority of Venezuelan deputies support Guaidó as president of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) The government chaired by Maduro and the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) recognize opposition dissident Luis Parra as leader of the House.

Now the signed document shows a apparent recognition of Chavismo to the legitimacy of the AN Guaidó leads – recognized as interim president of Venezuela by almost 60 countries – by including Castro’s signature as an advisor to Parliament.

However, Rodríguez insisted that the doctor represents all four parties major opposition and, he said, “was called” advisor to the Legislative.

The opposition version

Earlier, in a statement, the so-called interim government chaired by Guaidó had reported that this agreement, signed on Monday, will allow PAHO “receive and execute humanitarian aid against the COVID-19 in Venezuela. “

“After several months of struggle, we have made it possible for PAHO to receive the approved funds for humanitarian aid,” says the anti-Chavism text, which explains that this aid will consist of protection equipment for healthcare personnel as well as in improve diagnostic capacity and patient care.

In addition, the Guaidó team indicates that the money allocated for these matters comes from some of the state accounts that Venezuela has abroad, whose management was taken from the Maduro government, which countries like the United States consider illegitimate.