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Ceuta, May 23 . .- The Government Delegation in Ceuta has explained that Morocco’s refusal to allow the repatriation of 60 people who were in a bus that has been rejected at the foot of the border has been caused by a change in the list initially sent by Morocco.

Government sources have explained to journalists that many of the Moroccans who had been included in the list and who were living in the covered pavilion in La Libertad did not want to be repatriated and, for this reason, they have been replaced by another who did want to return. his country.

This circumstance has caused the Moroccan gendarmes to arrive at the border to notice the presence of names that were not included in the list that Morocco had sent to the Government Delegation.

For this reason, Morocco has denied them passage, having to return the bus to the La Libertad pavilion.

At the moment, the Government Delegation has indicated that 45 Moroccans have managed to be repatriated and that it is not ruled out that in the next few hours some more may access, although without specifying any figures.