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The regions that enter the ‘new normal’ phase will be able to receive tourists from June 22 “if everything goes well” and through the launch of “safe brokers”, as assured by the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

“If everything goes fine, as we hope, it is very likely that this arrival can be activated on the basis of safe corridors, “explained the head of the portfolio for the Ecological Transition in an El Periódico interview.

He also confirmed that the regions that initiate the ‘new normality’, two weeks after entering phase 3, they will be able to receive tourists, with people who are in territories in the same phase of de-escalation.

“That is what in the European space we call safe corridors, connecting areas with a level of safety and statistical probability of contagion equivalent both at origin and destination. Therefore, maintaining all the precautions does not have to be a problem, “said Ribera, while ensuring that, in the case of destinations or places of origin in European territory, the same scheme will be reproduced.

On the other hand, Ribera stressed that both in the hospitality sector and on the beaches “it’s complicated” maintain the safety distance, so he pointed out that limitations will have to be established through the Health Law or regional regulations, “because in the new normality, by definition we will no longer be under the state of alarm”.