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The two great urban beaches of Vigo, Samil and O Vao, will adopt this summer a system of colored ribbons that will establish grids and paths so that the influx of people occurs “completely safely” and with the proper social distance of two meters. .

The mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, presented this Saturday to the media this initiative that will be implemented from June 15Which is when the “summer season” begins.

The tape system will be installed on the beaches of Samil and O Vao, which total almost 4 kilometers in total and receive “a large influx of people” throughout the day, around 15,000 people, from which a large percentage comes ” from other places in Spain “, the councilor recalled.

“And what do we want? in Vigo we want completely sanitary safe beaches and that is called, first, social distance, “added Caballero, to justify the measure adopted.

Thus, the two main sandy areas of the city will be armed with colored plastic tapes, “absolutely environmentally friendly and does not cause the slightest harm to bathers”, who will use the color red to demarcate 8 by 8 meter plots in which up to six people can stay.

To enter and exit their grid, people will have to do it through a white section that will have these tapes. Once outside, you will find a green intersection where you can go down to the water or go up to the promenade. “It is simple,” said the mayor.

At each entrance to the beach there will be one of those green stripes that will allow the ascent or descent. Further, next to the shore will be “the stay area”, in which families will be able to walk, bathe and play. There, as Abel Caballero has pointed out, the control mechanism will be “social responsibility”.

Police and lifeguards

In any case, the mayor has confirmed that “on all the beaches of Vigo” there will be police and lifeguards “like every summer”, who will be responsible for ensuring safety and seeing “if there is any place where the number of people”.

In addition to this system, the City Council will hire workers who will be in charge of remove the tapes late in the day to replace them in the morning. Thus, at night, vehicles can access the beach with shovels to clean and sift the sand.

“At night the strips are removed, the beach is cleaned and the next morning they are put back on,” said Caballero, who, however, has avoided setting a time for these jobs because “it depends on the day of the year.” And is that the sunset can get to vary an hour between June and September.


In the green areas available to both Samil and O Vao, the City Council will also draw 8 by 8 squares on the grass with “biodegradable paint, the same one used on soccer fields”, according to the alderman.

Also, the Town Hall will remove all Samil stone tables to prevent families from settling in to celebrate meals. On the part of the beach kiosks, Caballero has guaranteed that “there will be again”, but with a system of separation between the chairs.

As for the rest of the sandy areas of the municipality of Vigo, which are around fifty, “they will have their own control” by the Local Police and the rescuers.

Finally, to questions from the press, the mayor of Vigo has ruled out setting a time limit to access the sandbanks and it has advanced that the City Council will promote the rotation of people throughout the day.